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Fiberglass Pools


Aquarian Pools & Spas can build you an Eco-Friendly Trilogy Fiberglass Pool.










Due to the non-porous finish of our pools fewer chemicals are used to keep your pool sanitary. The smooth surface ensures less cleaning & maintenance. The fiberglass pool acts as a natural insulator so your heater will not need to run as often.

Aquarian pools chose to partner with Trilogy Pools. Trilogy Pools builds the strongest pool manufactured today.

Having a pool installed can be a large project with a lot of complex things going on in your backyard. Aquarian Pools & Spas with over 28 years experience building inground pools can make you feel at ease during the project as we handle every aspect from 3-D pool design, excavation and installing your new Trilogy Pool. See below for a step by step outline how your pool will be installed.



As we start your new Trilogy Pool Aquarian Pools experienced construction supervisor will layout the pool with our excavator. The pool is then excavated by a seasoned backhoe operator. The bottom is prepped with sand and leveled to ensure a proper fit when the pool is lowered into the ground.






Your new pool is delivered by truck from Trilogy Pools Tennesse plant.

Aquarian Pools inspects the pool shell, then using a crane truck, lifts the pool from the delivery truck and into the waiting excavated area.

Kids of all ages love to watch this part, from a safe distance.





After the pool is set into the excavated hole, we check the level and walk the bottom to feel any voids under the pool.

When our construction supervisor is satisfied that the pool is level and he feels no voids under the pool we start to fill the pool with water on the first day of the installation.






As we fill your pool with water we also backfill the outer perimeter. As the backfill is added Aquarian Pools staff will install the plumbing to the filtration system and any water features added to your pool.

The crew will pour a pad for your filtration equipment and install the filter, pump, heater and chlorination systems.






Aquarian Pools will finish by pouring concrete or paver decking, cleaning up your pool, add start up chemicals and instruct you how to care for your new pool.




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Eco-friendly Trilogy Pools.